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CH Products 100-450 USB JoyStick
CH Products 100-650 IPD USB JoyStick
Three axis for precise control. Ten programmable push buttons. USB 1.1 HID compliant "game controller" device..... Ultra precise Hall-Effect sensors and three axes. Twelve programmable pushbuttons; 2 on joystick and 10 vibrant high efficiency backlit LED's. Stainless steel shaft. USB 1.1 HID compliant "game controller" device....
CH Products USB Fighter Stick
CH Products USB Combat Stick 568
Three axis and 24 buttons including three push buttons, one mode switch button, three 4-way hat switches and one 8-way point of view hat. Total of 176 programmable functions and dual rotary trim controls allow to precision adjustment of ailerons and elevators. Three axis and 18 buttons including six push buttons, one 4-way hat switch and one 8-way point of view hat. Total of 128 programmable functions and dual rotary trim controls allow to precision adjustment of ailerons and elevators.
CH Products USB Flight Stick
CH Products Multi Function Panel
Three axis and 12 buttons including four push buttons and one 8-way point of view hat. Total of 80 programmable functions with the new Control Manager software (included) and Side slide throttle wheel. Dual rotary trim controls allow to precision adjustment of ailerons and elevators. Features 25 removable keys which can be positioned and re-positioned to any location on the panel active surface. Also includes a removable clear tray that allows users to create custom key printable templates to be placed underneath the tray aiding in the identification of key placement and adding realism...
CH Products USB Throttle Quadrant
CH Products USB Pro Throttle
Fully programmable and featuring six physical detent axes, 12 Buttons (24 Button functions with Control Manager. Control Manager software enables 350 button positions. It can be configured to resemble the throttle controls of twin engine and multi-engine jets. Total of 176 programmable functions includes three 4-way hat switches, one 8-way hat switch, three push buttons and a mode switch button. Two axis dedicated to the mini joystick for precise pointing or movement. Ergonomical left hand jet grip style throttle with forward and back slide motion.
CH Products USB Flight Sim Yoke
CH Products Pro Pedals USB
Five axis of control including pitch (elevator), roll (ailerons), throttle lever, propeller lever and mixture lever. Twenty button functions including 2-way gear switch, 2-way flaps switch, 8-way point of view switch, two 2-way rocker switches and 4 push buttons. Three axis of control. Sliding motion of forward/backward gives rudder input for the "yaws" axis in flight simulators. Hee/Toe Motion gives differential toe braking control in flight simulators and gas and brake in racing simulators.
CH Products VM Desktop USB Multifunction Controller
CH Products USB Eclipse Yoke
CH Products VM Desktop multifunction controller provides advanced features for controlling security camera systems, including a 3-axis Hall effect joystick, jog/shuttle dial, 27 user-defined push buttons, and USB 1.1 interface for powerful control of video surveillance, recording, and video management functions. The VM Desktop is designed for critical security installations including airport, casinos, transit stations and stadiums. 8-way POV hat and rocker switch on both left and right side of grip. Programmable Trim/Scroll Wheel with center push function. Three color LED selector dial. Two backlit push buttons and third traditional push button. Two 2-way flipper switches on base....

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