Chess (Electronics)
BHB Schachuhr Analog Chess Clock
DGT 960 Pocket Size Digital Chess Clock Boxset
An easy to use analog clock. Just wind up the movement, set the hands and you are ready to go. No batteries require. Large, easy to read faces. Durable plastic casing. An ideal for schools & clubs or for anyone who wants.... The display shows symbols indicating in which position the pieces have to be placed on the board. It brings many chess-lovers back to the chessboard. The aspect of having a lead through knowledge of theory about chess opening moves sequences makes way for creative thinking.... include with folding wooden chess board and classic stauaton chess set.
Excalibur Game Time II Chess Clock
Leap Professional Digital Chess Clock Timer PQ9903
This device features two precision digital clocks, each with 3/4" displays, that keep split-second track of time per move. An optional tone and red light signals when time has expired. Select from preset time controls or create your own. Two precision digital clocks with clear & readable displays.... 6 Chess Modes: Countdown, Bonus (Fisher), Delay, Restrict, Time and Byo-yomi.With the 6 chess modes, a total of 29 different types of modes pre-set in the machine. 5 Button Operation: on/off, +, -, Alarm, Start/Stop/Set. Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included)....
Novag Star Opal Chess Computer

Pavilion Talking Electronics Chess

Novag Star Opal has a rating of 1900 Elo and a large library of openings and 128 redesigned playing levels offer strength and versatility. Training and referee function if you need adviceMoves can be taken back (25 halfmoves).... Adjustabel strength levels from beginner to tournament. Training modes,hints, and game rating features included. Computer " voice" announces critical game information....



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